Thanks for attending TEXATA Summit 2015: The Texas Big Data Analytics Conference!

The TEXATA Summit 2015 was held on Monday November 9 at the AT&T Conference Center. We want to thank everyone involved for making the event such a success. Texas is a major leader in Big Data Analytics worldwide. TEXATA’s one-day conference helped share and showcase the latest big data analytics innovations in Texas and worldwide. The industry-led lineup consisted of 20 leading data scientists, engineering, infrastructure, architecture & big data analytics and business leaders. Attendees explored the newest innovations and hottest trends in cloud, mobile, security and social. Speakers included world-leading companies and young startups that are shaping the future of Big Data Analytics.

Pre-registration for both TEXATA World Championships and TEXATA Summit in 2016 is now open. Here are some photos and videos from the day – keep checking back here as we release more media.

TEXATA Summit Videos

TEXATA Summit Photos


Big Data Analytics World Championships – 2015 Finals

The TEXATA Summit concluded with the Finals Awards Ceremony of the annual Big Data Analytics World Championships for Business & Enterprise. 2000+ business professionals and students competed in the online qualifiers and the Top 12 Finalists converged on Austin to compete in the Finals. We congratulate Kristin Nguyen (HP Labs Singapore, Vietnam) for being crowned the new World Champion, and for winning the $10,000USD first prize. Well done also to Alvaro Barbero (IIC, Spain) and Sri Kanajan (6Sense, USA) for their 2nd and 3rd place finishes respectively.

Read the full Finals Wrap on the TEXATA website.


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