5 Reasons You Should Attend The TEXATA Summit

The TEXATA Summit 2017 brings together top decision-makers who use the power of Big Data Analytics, Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to drive business strategy as well as practitioners who collect, analyze, and manipulate data. We showcase the latest innovations that will change the future of Texas and the United States.

Here are some benefits of attending.

1. You will learn something new.
Each session ]offers attendees inside expertise on the challenges facing the industry today. Learn real world methodologies and techniques that you can begin using immediately. Big Data and Advanced Analytics presentations feature experts from companies, colleges and industry providing insight on how new applications of data analytics are shaping and transforming the Texas economy and global business. Our speakers share and show details on analytic tools, technologies and strategies used in their organizations.

2. It’s a chance for professional development.
Austin is awesome, take advantage of meeting industry leaders in a welcoming, fast-growing city.

3. It’s an opportunity to grow your network.
Exchange ideas and best practices with one of the largest gatherings of Big Data, Data Science, Analytics and AI professionals in Texas. At TEXATA Summit 2017, attendees will have multiple opportunities to interact with like-minded people, technical experts and industry visionaries.

4. You can discover and evaluate new products and services.
Stay educated with insight into trending and emerging technologies that affect you and your company’s bottom line. Meet one-on-one with industry experts to learn how to improve the way your company does business.

5. You will have fun.
TEXATA Summit attendees learn and gain new perspectives. Enjoy countless social and networking opportunities and all that Austin has to offer.